The CEO Council

J. Phillips, Chairman




The CEO Council is an influential group of CEOs, presidents, and
decision-makers who collectively leverage passion, relationships, and resources to influence business growth and foster a financially thriving McLean County.

We combine our member’s talents, resources, and influence to help with Mclean County’s most urgent business challenges in our community. We also offer our support to the advocacy of pro-business candidates and referendums that may change the business horizon.







Collectively leveraging passion, relationships, and resources to influence business growth and a financially thriving B/N.




  1. Commitment to economic, community and civic prosperity – thinking and acting with a greater good in mind, our own best interests are secondary. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  2. Courage to speak and listen – progress requires we speak up and speak out in order to produce continuous dialogue that will lead to productive change.
  3. Collaboration to lead change – align with complimentary organizations to maximize execution while minimizing overlap.




Chart your company's path forward by working side by side

with community leaders for a thriving Mclean County.






CEO Council is an exclusive group of high-level peers. We accept only CEOs, Chief Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents,  Managing Directors, and Pro-business elected officials and candidates.  The CEO Council restricts itself to decision-makers and community leaders in order to maintain the ability to work efficiently to promptly initiate changes in our community.


2023 Membership Dues: $1,500

  1. Attend a monthly luncheon meeting every second Tuesday
  2. Attend a monthly social meeting held on the last Tuesday of each month
  3. Host a monthly social meeting
  4. Participate in advocacy efforts for Pro-business candidates and referendums that would affect the business climate


For more information, please contact Charlie Moore at




Collectively this passionate group of leaders employs over 3,000

residents and generates almost 700 million dollars in our community.






For more information, please contact Charlie Moore at