Candidate Training Institute


Due to scheduling conflictions, we are postponing this year's Candidate Training Institute.
If you have already signed up or have questions, please contact John Walsh at 309-829-1188.



National statistics and local workplace conversations alike are all telling us the same thing – people are disillusioned  with government, and disappointed with decisions being made on their behalf.  Many people do not know where to turn, what to do, or who to believe in.  The McLean County Chamber of Commerce has an answer – GET INVOLVED!


The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is proud to again announce a unique program offering citizens the tools needed to become part of public service to run for political office. 


The Candidate Training Institute (CTI) is focused on the nuts and bolts of running for local political office including everything from filing petitions to in depth campaign organization and strategy. Drawing on the expertise of area elected officials, community leaders and fellow citizens CTI helps prospective candidates navigate the challenging road to public service. The program is open to everyone, but limited to 20 participants.


If you are considering running for elected office at the local level, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce with support from the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and the League of Women Voters of McLean County hopes you will take advantage of this exciting and informative program.


2017 Class Dates:



For more information, Contact John at the Chamber at 309/829-6344




Session Topics

Create Understanding

Opening Presentation

Why run for office?

Emotional and social capital featuring nonpartisan panel


Make the Decision

Getting on the Ballot

Legal Obligations

Understanding Party Affiliation/Independent

Strategic Alliances


Preparation and Discovery

Understanding Opponents

Understanding Relevant Issues

Team Development and Volunteers

Develop Financing Plan



Message Development

Public Appearances/Media/Advertising

Interview and Debate Skills

Win or Defeat