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FAQs for the 2017 Legislature




How do I know which federal elected official represents me?


ANSWER: The Chamber’s 2017 Legislative Agenda’s last pages are a contact guide for local elected officials.  To find your specific representative, find who represents you in Washington, D.C. by going “here” and entering your address information. 

CHAMBER TIP: Be as specific as you can, as district lines can be tricky!

Find your Federal Elected Officials: http://ziplook.house.gov/htbin/findrep?ZIP=61704



How do I find my elected representation in Springfield?

ANSWER:  The Chamber’s 2017 Legislative Agenda’s last pages are a contact guide for local elected officials.  To find your specific representative, find who represents you in the State’s Capitol by going “here” and entering your address information.

CHAMBER TIP: Be as specific as you can, as district lines can be tricky!

Find Your State Representatives: https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/



What is the best way for me to contact my elected official?


ANSWER: While the traditional thought was that a hand written letter would mean the most to an elected official, that is no longer as strongly the case. Today’s technology has assisted the operations of elected officials’ offices just as much as any other industry, and a hand written letter almost always gets put into a constituent management system for the elected official the same way as an email, a letter, a postcard, or a phone call.

CHAMBER TIP: Number one, be respectful.  Also, no matter your method, be precise – no longer than a written page.  Lastly, do your research.  Reference the bill number and name (bill numbers change every session), but focus on how the legislation will affect you personally, and the community you are in.  Legislators are one of you, and they are there to represent you – effectively showing how legislation will positively or negatively affect people will bring it home.   



How do I know when my elected officials are in session?


ANSWER:  Following a legislature’s schedule can be tricky.  There are schedules that are produced for each session, but they can be altered, delayed, or cancelled.  For Federal and State legislative calendars,use the links below.

CHAMBER TIP: Sign up for the Chamber’s Government Affairs Reports for up-to-date information on what is happening in Washington, DC, Springfield, and City Hall!

Find Federal Schedules: https://www.congress.gov/resources/display/content/Calendars+and+Schedules
Find State Schedules: https://www.congress.gov/resources/display/content/Calendars+and+Schedules



How do I know which bills are being introduced, discussed, and voted on? 
How do I know what those bills entail?


ANSWER: Both the State and federal Legislatures have websites where you can follow what is being introduced and actions being made on specific legislation.  For the State’s legislation page – click “here”; for the federal legislation page, click “here”.

CHAMBER TIP: If one thing is true about legislation, it is that it is ever changing, and moves quickly.  The Chamber realizes that not every business has the time or manpower to sift through every bill and amendment, figure out where the support or opposition is coming from, or how the sometimes difficult language of legislation will boil down and affect their business.  This is where the Chamber strives to partner together.  If there is legislation that you think could affect your business, or a bill you would simply like more information on, reach out to the Chamber’s Government Affairs team through John Walsh at the Chamber.

Federal Legislation Page: https://www.congress.gov/
State Legislation Page: http://www.ilga.gov/