Business Before & After Hours Hosting Application

Now accepting applications to host 2022 Business Before & After Hours!  

Applications are due by Friday, October 1st. Hosts will be placed at the Business After Hours on October 13th. Selected hosts will be notified by Friday, October 15th, and will have 30 days to accept or decline the offered time slot. 


Hosts may trade dates should they so desire. Arrangements for trades must be made between hosts, and the Chamber must be notified within the 30-day period. 


Please review the below hosting agreements for an idea of what is expected of a Business Before or After Hours host.






2022 Business Before Hours Available

Month Date  
February 02.23.22  
March 03.30.22  
April 04.27.22  
May 05.25.22  
June 06.29.22  
July 07.27.22  
August 08.31.22  
September 09.28.22  (Showcase)  
October 10.26.22  


2022 Business After Hours Available

Month Date  
January 01.12.22  
February 02.09.22  
March 03.09.22  
April 04.13.22  
July 07.13.22  
August 08.10.22  
September 09.14.22  
November 11.09.22  (Showcase)  
December 12.14.22  


Please direct questions to Mitch Houska, Programs Manager, at 309-829-1183 or