The CEO Council

Andy Shirk, Chairman

  1. Commitment to economic, community and civic prosperity – thinking and acting with a greater good in mind, our own best interests are secondary. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  2. Courage to speak and listen – progress requires we speak up and speak out in order to produce continuous dialogue that will lead to productive change.
  3. Collaboration to lead change – align with complimentary organizations to maximize execution while minimizing overlap.



Purpose/Cause/Passion:  Collectively leveraging passion, relationships, and resources to influence business growth and a financially thriving B/N.


Target Market/“The List”: Chief Executives, Presidents, Managing Directors of Area Businesses. Elected Officials and Potential Pro-Business Candidates for Public Office.


Guarantee/Pledge/Promise: We will use our influence to support the growth of BN.  Access, Influence, and Information.


3 courses of action:

  1. Red Carpet Experience – welcoming new business to McLean County
  2. Advocacy efforts – paying attention to policy that affects business success
  3. Positive marketing -Exemplifying McLean County as a great place to do business!


Mission Statement

Business Leaders for a thriving Bloomington/Normal.


Vision Statement

A thriving B/N


Core Values

Commitment, Courage, Collaboration, Character


For more information contact Charlie Moore or call (309) 829-6344.