Strategic Plan


Click here to download our one-sheet description of our strategic plan


Our strategic plan called “Stepping Up the PACE” keeps the same basic structure as the previous strategic plan, known as PACE, including the four committees, but the new revised version includes updated goals and tactics designed to help each committee accomplish their primary objective.


The ‘P’ Committee is charged with providing ongoing awareness of local businesses to encourage and engage business to business and business to consumer patronage. Their primary focus is to highlight the Chamber’s initiatives that provide local business support and their main objective is to enhance the ability of businesses to establish and maintain profitability.


The ‘A’ Committee will continue to act as the voice of member businesses to identify policy issues and recommend solutions. The McLean County Chamber of Commerce understands that there are external forces that greatly impact our local businesses. In response to these forces the Chamber intends to represent the needs of our members through education and collective action.


The ‘C’ Committee seeks to develop innovative opportunities (programs) that provide value to Chamber members. Through an extensive research effort we have discovered that businesses are searching for a greater return on their investment and time. With a focus on program assessment, this committee will work to increase the perceived value that members experience from Chamber programs.


The ‘E’ Committee is all about relationships. Through pursuing knowledge of member needs, this committee will facilitate connections with the Chamber and its members. This committee intends to recognize member’s unique needs to help them enhance their business by connecting them to appropriate information, resources, and other members.