What is BN Advantage?

Collaboration is the hallmark of the business, government, civic and educational sectors in the Bloomington-Normal Metro Region.  Our primary area of cooperation and collaboration is economic development and competitiveness.  Business, economic development, civic and educational leaders have joined to create BN Advantage, a regional economic development strategy, focused on diversifying and strengthening the region’s economy.

BN Advantage is being led by five organizations – each of which have a vested stake in ensuring that Bloomington-Normal’s economy remains robust, resilient, and competitive. These organizations recognize that successful communities work vigorously to shape their own economic destinies:


Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council
McLean County Regional Planning Commission
McLean County Chamber of Commerce
Bloomington-Normal Convention and Visitors Bureau 
Bloomington-Normal Airport Authority


Through these and other organizations, McLean County’s private, public, civic and educational leaders not only have embraced collaboration, but also are sharing resources and are firmly committed to diversify the region’s economic base, promote innovation and competitiveness, and create a unified vision for the future economic development of the Bloomington-Normal Metro Region.


Getting Involved

BN Advantage is always looking for volunteers of their time and talent to fill numerous available task force roles. The areas of strategy that these task forces are looking for are: Talent Assessment/Workforce Development, Business Marketing (Business Attraction/Recruitment, Economic Incentives), Communication (Design, Writing, Advertising), Quality of Life/Quality of Place, Entrepreneurship, and 

Metrics/Indicators/Benchmarking Analysis. For applications please click here.