BN Back to Work

You've got job openings, and we want to help you fill them.


The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with such resilient businesses. The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented many challenges to our membership over the past year, all of which you have taken in stride. The current workforce crisis presents a new set of challenges - and we're ready to help you face those head on. 


The BN Back to Work campaign outlines why now is the perfect time to look at employment opportunities for a variety of personal and community minded reasons. In addition to the general awareness campaign, we will set up several Member Educations throughout June to help our members better understand how to attract quality candidates, navigate legal challenges, and other relevant topics. 


To tangibly help our members, we are hosting a Walk-Up Job Fair on June 3 from 11 am – 2 pm to directly connect member employers with potential candidates and offer a safe environment for recruitment. We invite the community to join us in the Eastland Mall parking lot (former Bergners lot) to learn more about local employment opportunities.


Learn more about each part of our initiative below.