Unit 5 Superintendant Brings Disney Way to Public Schools

Posted by: Dreamotivations - May, 2nd 2016 @ 03:05 pm

Dr. Mark Daniel has a student-centered approach to teaching and has embraced the values of Disney.  In McLean County, Unit District No 5, whose mission is "educating each student to achieve personal excellence", Mark has instituted the Storyboarding technique he learned from his Disney Way training with The Disney Way consultant and coauthor Bill Capodagli. Over 450 students, principals, and community residents congregated in 21 different buildings and Storyboarded two questions: 1.  What makes our school an outstanding school?  2.  What can we do to make our school even better?  Collectively, the Storyboards revealed six themes - curriculum, instruction, transportation, facilities, community partnerships, and special education.  Mark continues to utilize the Storyboarding process to provide better input for decision making with respect to improving the school district.