Threatened Owl rescued by local tree care company Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding LLC

Posted by: Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding LLC - December, 18th 2018 @ 05:10 pm

A simple task turned in to a one of a kind experience. During a Honey Locust removal located in Urbana, IL, Oak Bros found an owl frightened inside the trunk of tree. The hollowed stem was located 18 feet above the ground during removal operations. Oak Bros Crew leader and ISA Certified arborist Joe Caslow found the Owl while aloft from a back yard self-propelled lift. Caslow understood this was a delicate and rare situation. Caslow tried to extricate the owl from the tree however, the cavity was too small to access. Luckily, the Oak Bros crew is well trained during situations like this, so they knew to contact the local Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois! Within a few hours the Veterinarian and a volunteer from the clinic arrived on the scene to properly rescue the screeched owl from the tree! Before they could rescue the Owl, Certified Arborist Joe Caslow had to carefully use the grapple saw truck to remove the area of the trunk that the Owl was embedded in.  Once care was initiated by the members of the clinic the Owl was said to be perfectly healthy and was released the following night. We would like to thank the Oak Bros crew for their selfless acts and awareness of our environment and the animals who live in it.