Class of 2022 LMC Application

Thank you for your interest in Leadership McLean County.  Applications are currently open for the Class of 2022.  The LMC program is tentatively set to run from September of 2021 through April of 2022.




Applications are being accepted through our online application process.  


The below application details provide you an overview of the on-line application questions. 



Cost to participate: 


Chamber Member: $1,200     Non-Member: $1,500

*Please see below for information on a scholarship that can help offset the costs of the program.


Leadership McLean County Class of 2022 Application

Applications MUST BE submitted through the online application form on the Wufoo platform.  Unfortunately, the platform does not allow you to save and return to the information once started.  Therefore, we are providing you with the questions on this application detail form so you can be prepared with your answers before you start the online application.


Attachments for the applications: The following items will need to be attached to the online application.  Please make sure to have a completed and updated copy of the following documents before starting your application:

  1. Current Professional Resume
  2. If applicable, a completed and signed copy of the Class of 2022 Scholarship Application.



  • General Questions:  The online application will ask you to provide general information such as your name, contact information, if you have ever completed another leadership program, the company / organization you work for, start date with the company, your title, and your supervisor’s name and contact information.  You will also need to provide the type of organization you work for and the industry you represent.
  • Resume:  The online application does require you to attach and updated version of your resume that will be shared with the Review Committee.
  • Interest Assessment:  The online application will ask you on a Likert Scale multiple choice questions as to “ What are  your interests in applying for Leadership McLean County?”
  • Program Format: The online application will ask you note your preferred format for the program if the options were made available.  The intent of this questions is to determine if there is a format that would negate you from participating in LMC.
  • Referral Program:  LMC loves our Alumni, so we always ask who referred you to the program and if that person who referred you is an LMC Alumni.
  • Essay Questions:  The application consists of four essay questions.  Each essay is limited to 300 words.  The essay questions are as follows: 
  1. What opportunities do you see in McLean County where you could use leadership skills to affect change?
  2. What are some of our community's unique strengths?
  3. Describe one of your professional or community ambitions. What do you hope to achieve through completing the Leadership McLean County program?
  4. What specific skills would you like to focus on during your McLean County Leadership experience to help you achieve your goals and aspirations?


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**Please note that acceptance into Leadership McLean County is a two-part process:  1) the completion of the online application and 2) a subsequent interview. The online application will be reviewed and scored and accounts for 50% of the overall score that determines acceptance into the LMC program. Applicants will be contacted after June 15th regarding setting up an LMC Interview for the program. **



Class of 2022 Scholarship Application

This is a separate document that will need to be completed and attached to your online application, if applicable.  


Leadership McLean County (LMC), a division on the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, offers a limited number of partial scholarships to accepted applicants of LMC each year.  Scholarship recipients must show a need and explain how they plan to utilize their experience in LMC to benefit McLean County. 


The application does have a statement of commitment that each applicant must review, acknowledge, and certify.  The language for this is provided below.


Statement of Commitment:

As Leadership McLean County is a cooperative effort to share experiences, knowledge and insight into the dynamic community of McLean County, participants are expected to attend all segments of every program session. One individual’s failure to attend diminishes the experiences for the remaining members of the program. Participation and attendance are the cornerstones of a successful program. Attendees are expected to be on time and attend the entire program each day.


Attendance is mandatory for all sessions. Unless otherwise stated, all programs will begin no earlier than 7:30am and end no later than 5:00pm. All class members must notify Chamber Staff in advance if they are unable to attend a specific Day Session in its’ entirety. A class participant’s persistent absenteeism will be reviewed and a determination regarding their continuation in the program will be made per the attendance policy. Non-participation in group projects and other outside activities will also be reviewed and could also jeopardize a class member’s graduation.


If accepted in the program, you and/or your organization will be obligated for the full tuition amount of $1,200 ($1,500 for non-chamber members), which covers all costs associated with the program, which include – but are not limited to - meals, refreshments, buses, materials, and mailings. There are a limited number of need-based partial scholarships available. Please contact Jancy LaFollette at (309) 829-1185 or for a scholarship application.


Self-Certification Language on the Application: 

I have reviewed and understand the mission and program requirements of Leadership McLean County. If selected, I will devote the required time and pay my full tuition by August 2, 2021. If I am unable to comply with the requirements, I will voluntarily withdraw from the program. I understand that, in interest of the class experience for all participants, any participant may be removed from the class if, in the opinion of the Leadership McLean County Steering Committee, a participant’s conduct is not conducive to the work of the group.


Supervisor Certification Language on the Application: 

I certify that I have full support to participate in the Leadership McLean County, Class of 2022 from my employer/supervisor/board chairperson.  And they are aware of the time commitment necessary and the financial obligation.


**If you are applying for a scholarship, the scholarship application MUST be attached to your general LMC Application. An upload option is available on page 6 of the general LMC Application.**



Downlo ad the S cholarship Application



Questions related to LMC applications can be directed to Jancy LaFollette with the McLean County Chamber of Commerce at or 309-829-1185.