LMC Class of 2022

Agriculture Day

Friday, September 24, 2021

Did you know McLean County’s rich farmland used to be a swamp? Have you ever noticed that our corn fields rest atop clay tiles? How much of the soy grown here is exported to China, and how much ends up as vegetable oil on our pantry shelves?  


Ag Day is a chance to familiarize our LMC class with the impact and historicity of agriculture in our local community. LMC Class of 2022 joined with the McLean County Farm Bureau, getting the chance to hear from a local farmer about issues affecting their livestock, ISU’s Ag Department about the importance and unique nature of our soil, a local restaurant owner about supply chain issues and availability of menu items, the Illinois Farm Bureau about how our county is unique regarding agriculture even within Illinois, and the American Farm Bureau Federation about policies in Washington D.C. which affect every level of the agriculture chain here at home. Driving a combine, visiting with a farming family during their harvest, and touring a grain silo were all enjoyable experiences which helped drive home the lesson of why Agriculture is so important to McLean County.