BNYP Location Sponsor

Meeting Location Sponsor Application 


  • Provide complimentary, professional meeting space for a BNYP membership meeting
  • Space must be large enough to seat 55 people comfortably at tables/chairs and must be pre-set.  Complimentary A/V is appreciated.
  • Space must have at least 2-3 others tables or an area for food to be placed and for the welcome table sign-in
  • Outside catering must be allowed or the opportunity to work with your caterer at a discounted price that fits within our lunch budget

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Logo placed in the Weekly Wednesday Update for 2-3 weeks prior to the meeting
  • Logo placed on meeting agenda which is printed and handed out to all members attending
  • Logo placed on Facebook once to promote our Meeting Location Sponsor
  • Representative from your company is welcome to speak to our group for up to 3 minutes at the beginning of our meeting to welcome group to the location and briefly market your business

Please submit your application to Jason Curtiss via email or reach out to him with questions.

Jason Curtiss, BNYP Program Chair



Name:  ____________________________________     Email:  _______________________________________________


Organization:   ___________________________________________________     Phone:  ________________________


Address (of meeting location):  _______________________________________________________________________


Description of Meeting Space: _______________________________________________________________________


Maximum Seating: ________         Seating Type:   Rounds  /  Rectangular Tables  /  Other:  _________________________


What A/V do you have available? (projector/screen/laptop/sound)  ____________________________________________


Is A/V complimentary?  Yes  /  No       If not, what is the charge? ______________


Do you allow outside food & beverage?  Yes  /  No      If not, who is your caterer? __________________________


Do you have free parking available?  Yes  /  No      Where is it located? ____________________________________


2019 Meeting Dates:  No meeting in July or December

Rank your top 3 choices (1 being your top choice)


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