BNYP Photos and Testimonials

"I have been a member of BNYP for almost three years and I am so grateful that I found the group. BNYP has allowed me the opportunity to connect with other young professionals in similar seasons of life. The monthly membership meetings allow me to learn and grow professionally while the service and social events give me the opportunity to get involved and make friendships. BNYP is a group that is passionate about our community and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn something new, get involved or meet new people."

Victoria Padilla

Assistant to the Regional Superintendent

Regional Office of Education #17


"I am continually impressed by BNYP as an organization, and the individual members. I have been able to observe their progress and growth over the past few years, and it's impressive. I also had the opportunity to present my professional experience to the group and was captivated with the dialogue and conversation that resulted. This group of strong and hardworking indivduals is the future of our economy and community, and I believe we will be successful because of them."


Andy Shirk

President, BEER NUTS



"I have been a member of BNYP for 4 years, 3 of them on the board of Directors.  When I first started my business I was not active in the community.  BNYP provided me with the opportunity to meet inspiring young leaders who helped me build my business into a success.  I also became exposed to many organizations and non-profits during our monthly meetings, service projects or social events.  I contribute much of my success to BNYP and that is why I consider it an investment when I now enroll my employees into BNYP."


Justin Boyd

Financial Representative

COUNTRY Financial



"I have had the opportunity to know and work with several members of NEXT Professionals, and have been invited to participate in NEXT Professionals activities with the group. These are passionate and dedicated young people who elevate our community not only with their work as professionals, but also with their civic engagement." 


Tom Lamonica

School of Communication

Illinois State University



"I have been so impressed with the transforming leaders that take part in NEXT Professionals. They take risks and make change in our community. I have seen the inner works of how the participants are developed professionally, taught to create webs of networking circles and are encouraged to participate in civic/charity opportunities. We need more young professionals in McLean County to take advantage of this fantastic program."


Leann Seal

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

The Snyder Companies




"In my time as a member of the NEXT Professionals, I have been impressed with the group and all they do. I have received valuable training and career advice from the many speakers who have presented. I have made business connections with other members and have been able to get more involved in my community. I would recommend this group to any young proefessional looking to advance their career, learn new skills and who have a passion for getting involved in their community."


Angie Fulton

Development Director

The Salvation Army



“I joined the BNYP Group at the end of the summer of this past year after I spoke to one of the members at a networking event for the Chamber. Going into my first membership lunch meeting I was nervous because I still considered myself new to the Bloomington-Normal area and did not have many connections in the group or McLean County in general. The BNYP board and members were extremely welcoming to me starting from day one. Since joining the group I feel as if I have grown personally and professionally. I have made some friendships and found a group of peers who are supportive in both my personal and professional development. Additionally, I have made connections that have helped me and the business I work for grow within the community. I would and do recommend the BNYP group to any individual who is looking to find their self and to start building connections, especially those who are new to the Bloomington-Normal community!”   


Noelle Barnes

Community Relationship Banker, Illinois National Bank 

“Being a member of Bloomington Normal Young Professionals has been such a great experience so far! Although I have only been a member for less than a year, I’ve been able to expand my professional network and make new friendships with other like-minded individuals. BNYP provides members with so many opportunities to learn about other local businesses and organizations, give back to the community through volunteering and make friendships through social events. If you are looking for professional growth or are interested in social or service opportunities, I highly suggest checking out BNYP!”


Jen Mayer

CHSP Service Coordinator 

Housing Authority at the City of Bloomington