Working for Workforce COMPACT Meeting

Working for Workforce

September 18th, 7:30 - 900 AM
Heartland Community College
Astroth Community Education Center (ACEC) Auditorium
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This month's "Working for Workforce" meeting will feature four breakout sessions focused on STEM and career Pathways initiatives. We will look at a student's journey from career exploration to career preparation, using opportunities in STEM as the model for promoting student - educator - employer engagement to ensure success.


This meeting is for educators, employers, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, service providers, community support, or anyone with an interest in building and developing our regional workforce for the future. 


During the breakout sessions you will have the opportunity to engage with educators and employers in one of four way points:


  • Waypoint #1: Starting the Journey: A session led by educators and community leaders to discuss opportunities for STEM and career activities for young children and how to enable exploration.


  • Waypoint #2: The Pathway: This group is led by educators and outlines the development of educational pathways to lead to a future in the six BN Advantage industries and other career clusters.


  • Waypoint #3: Guides: This group will explore programs and models for action that foster interest in STEM and other career fields and how to cement the connection between education, employers, students, and parents.


  • Waypoint #4: Trailblazers: This group will collaborate on creating the partnership between education and employers to understand the skills, education, and training required by local employers.



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