About the Energy & Gas Program

In 2018 the McLean County Chamber of Commerce forged a new partnership with Gulf Plains Energy to establish an Energy and Natural Gas program for its members.


Through our partnership with Gulf Plains Energy, we combine all of our Chamber members into an aggregate pool to secure a much lower supply rate than you could receive directly from other providers.  If your business has not made the switch from Ameren to a new provider, you may not be aware that you have a choice in electricity and natural gas suppliers.  Deregulation opened the doors for competition in Illinois and allows for you to secure a low fixed price contract.  This provides cost savings, budget stability and protects your business from market volatility.

Download an application here!

Energy Alliance Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for the Energy & Gas Program?

All Chamber members with commercial electricity and natural gas service are eligible. *
*Corn Belt Energy customers are not eligible for the electric offering.


What are the benefits of the Energy & Gas Program?


  • No obligation quotes
  • No application fees
  • Immediate or future start contracts do not require terminating an existing contract
  • There is no fee to join the energy & natural gas program. This is a benefit of your Chamber membership



  • Custom analysis to ensure the greatest potential savings and cost avoidance.
  • Fixed contract rate to secure the price you pay, protecting you from market volatility and provide budget stability


Energy & Natural Gas Expertise Available Locally:

  • Gulf Plains Energy has a local Energy Consultant dedicated to help respond and address any situation, question or concern your company may have with your electricity & natural gas contracts
  • Gulf Plains Energy manages the member education and bid phases of the program
  • Gulf Plains Energy offers continuing technical expertise of the member’s energy and natural gas accounts and offers continuing technical expertise to members throughout the term of their energy and natural gas contract 


Where do I get an application form? 

You can pick one up from the Chamber, download it here, or contact Rita Marshall at ritam@gulfplainsenergy.com. There are no fees to join the Energy & Gas Program.  Applying does not obligate you to the program. It simply allows you to get pricing to determine whether you want to join the program at the price we can secure.  You will be notified of a fixed rate and at that point, you decide if you’d like to participate.


How much will I save from the Energy & Natural Gas program? 

That depends on the amount of electricity you use and the rate class you are in. Each business’ electrical and natural gas usage varies. However, in addition to a custom analysis of your energy consumption and use patterns that you will be given, you’ll also receive a fixed contract rate to secure the price you pay, protecting you from market volatility.  Our savings can range from 2% to 35%.


What if I don’t like the rate I received, or I change my mind?

 Members will individually be responsible for signing their contract.  You have until the final day that your Energy Consultant gives to make your decision to accept the rate. However, once the contract is signed it is a binding agreement.


How does credit affect my chance at receiving a contract offer? 

Most supplies will run credit. We will notify you confidentially if there are issues with your credit approval. If you feel your credit standing is in jeopardy, please let us know during the application process so that we can work with you.


What if I move my business to a new location? 

Your electric or natural gas rate can usually follow you to your new location. It can also be transferred to a new owner if you sell your business.  Just be sure to contact your Gulf Plains Energy Consultant before your move.


Why do you need copies of my current electricity bills? 

Your bills provide important information that will be used by Gulf Plains Energy and the suppliers during the bid process. We need to see them ourselves to make sure we have correct meter numbers, service addresses, billing addresses, etc.


An additional meter was installed at my business since I joined the Chamber’s Energy or Gas Program. Can I add this meter’s account number to my contract?  

Additional meter account numbers can be added. Just contact your Gulf Plains Energy Consultant during the process so we can help set up your new meter.


I have another location, but it is not in Bloomington.  Is it possible to get it into the electricity and gas program?

Yes, if that location is currently in a deregulated service territory. Please complete the application for all locations.


I am getting calls from other third-party suppliers wanting my company to sign with them instead.  How do I know if I’m getting the best deal through the Chamber’s electric and gas program?

The Chamber and Gulf Plains Energy cannot guarantee that another third-party supplier will not offer a better price outside of the Chamber’s electric and gas program.  However, the Chamber’s program does guarantee that the offer you receive will be a fully vetted, fixed rate with a reputable supplier.  It will provide budget stability and the contract you sign will have been reviewed and approved by our expert energy consultant.  Your contract will have been thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it does not contain hidden language, price changes, term changes or language that could have unintentional consequences in the future.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about what the Energy and Gas Program can provide for your business, please feel free to reach out to Rita Marshall at the Chamber office 309-829-6344 or direct at 309-846-8024.