McLean County Agriculture Experience



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Agriculture within McLean County is a major economic driver. The production of corn and soybeans in McLean County provide hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue into our communities; however, the impact is much greater. The thousands of jobs, millions of dollars of tax revenues, as well as the associated products made locally make McLean County a world leader in the field of agriculture.


However, much of what occurs within this industry is relatively unknown. In the newly configured McLean County Agriculture Experience Program, we seek to provide insights for our community and corporate leaders to understand the role of agriculture and how this quiet industry in McLean County creates such great economic opportunity.  The McLean County Agricultural Experience will immerse its participants in five full themed days:


  1. Agriculture 101
    1. Participants will receive classroom education on “a Day in the Life” of farmers in McLean County, as well as a visit to the Illinois State University Farm, where they can experience firsthand different types of livestock and crop operations right in their backyard.
  2. Technology and Conservation
    1. In today’s world, farmers must be on the cutting edge to make the right decisions for the future of their farms and family. Participants will see firsthand the massive importance technology and conservation efforts have on operations and agribusiness in McLean County, as well as visits to local businesses that specialize in just this type of work.
  3. Economics and Risk Management
    1. Farming is a business, and not one that is easy to get into!  Participants will learn from local experts on what it takes to operate a 21st Century farm, and how many players are involved in the business sector to keep it all afloat.
  4. Ag-tourism
    1. Talking to consumers and telling their story is something that McLean County farmers and agribusinesses strive for every day.  Participants will get an exclusive chance to visit some of the biggest, well-known players in this sector. 
  5. Transportation and Logistics
    1. From McLean County, to the rest of the world!  Ever wonder how crops grown in McLean County affect the rest of the world?  Participants will finish the cycle firsthand with an opportunity to see how products grown in McLean County are sent to the rest of the world.   


Program Commitment

In order to be considered for The McLean County Agriculture Experience Development Program, applicants must commit to one full Friday in April, June, August, September and October.


Interested applicants should contact John Walsh at 309-829-1188.