Resource Groups

Small Business Roundtable

Mission:  The Small Business Roundtable exists to provide a monthly forum for small business owners to discuss relevant topics in a confidential setting.

Membership:  the Small Business Roundtable is exclusive to Chamber member business owners, with one business owner per industry represented.  Twice a year the group will take on new members in industries currently not represented. 

Attendance:  Members may not miss more than two consecutive meetings in a row and remain in the group.  Members that do not keep this commitment will be removed and allowed to be reconsidered for membership only during open periods. 

Meetings:  The Small Business Roundtable group will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 8:30 to 10am at the Chamber office.


Mission:  Solopreneur exists to provide an every-other-month forum for solo business owners to discuss relevant topics in a confidential setting

Membership:  The Solopreneur group is exclusive to solo business owners who are members of the Chamber.

Meetings:  The Solopreneur group will meet six times throughout the year. 

Contact Name


Michael Blackwell, Facilitator