About LMC


Develop and cultivate your skills, awareness, and engagement through intentional learning experiences for the betterment of McLean County.


Here’s what LMC can do for you:

  1. Develop informed, vigorous citizen leadership skills capable of understanding community problems, fact-finding, analyzing and influencing the decisions based on these facts.
  2. Create awareness of the community by utilizing talents of committed citizens to work with responsible voluntary positions with non-profit, civic and citizen organizations within the community.
  3. Provide you with a broad understanding of public issues, workings of state and local government, civic challenges facing all of us and the role the community play in problem-solving.


The Program

Classes tentatively will take place every other Friday from September through April covering a variety of topics & skill development, both in the classroom and through “hands-on” experiences. Class members also participate on a  "Leaders On Loan Task Force Project" team to create implementable solutions to a community issue.


Leadership McLean county does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or national origin in any of its activities.


Want to learn more about Leadership McLean County? Contact Jancy LaFollette.







Look at what past participants say about Leadership Mclean County

"The Leadership McLean County Program has been an instrumental part of my professional development. LMC delivers an excellent set of programs that every leader and future leader should experience. The content was relevant and enabled me to critically review my own capabilities and develop a plan of action to drive myself to a new level. The most amazing element for me was that the program brought me "back to the basics" of keeping my leadership grounded on my values and beliefs. I now truly understand how to be a servant leader and the importance of giving back to our community. Also though this program, I was able to establish many outstanding relationships with other business leaders while at the same time increasing the visibility of our company in the community. Great Program!" - Jeff Leverton, Class of 2010

"I went through Leadership McLean County not expecting to learn new things about our community and I was incredibly wrong. The program allows participants to see our community through multiple lenses and perspectives. Without the program, I wouldn't have thought about our education systems, government, business, non-profit and healthcare sectors in the many ways that it was presented. LMC allowed me to see how I can contribute to our community and economy in meaningful ways.

Not only did LMC teach me about the community, but it also taught me about being a team player. Each class is required to fulfill a team project - something I hadn't done since college. This was a challenge for me but it helped me to step out of my comfort zone and hone my teamwork skills, leadership skills, and relationship building. I carry these lessons through to my daily life still today - whether in work, family or extracurricular activities. LMC has helped me to become a better member of every team I'm on." -
Gina Mandros, Class of 2014

"Leadership McLean County was and continues to be a wonderful experience for me, both personally and professionally. It is a unique program that offered growth and development in both leadership and our community. I appreciated the applicable elements of leadership skills training. I left the program with a new perspective on our community leaders offering insight into both the opportunities and challenges that our community faces. I completed the program feeling inspired and yet challenged! I highly recommend!" - Jamie Sennett, Class of 2009