Much of the Chamber's work is done through the formation of committees. Paired with a Chamber staff member, each committee is comprised of a variety of individuals from around the business community and falls into one of five categories:




We encourage all of our members to become a part of one or more committees and enjoy the benefits of volunteering! Please contact our staff if you are interested in learning more about a specific committee. 


Nicole Hoffman, Treasurer

Mission: To oversee the organization’s financial reporting process, monitoring accounting policies and principles, monitoring internal control processes, and the hiring and performance of external accountants and auditors.

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Board of Directors

Puneet Leekha, Chairman

Mission: To be responsible for the government and policy-making responsibilities, which shall control its property and operations as well as adopt such rules and regulations as may be required to conduct the affairs of the Chamber.

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Puneet Leekha, Chairman

Mission: To make decisions relating to Chamber matters during the interim period between Board meetings.

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Levester Johnson, Chairman

Mission: To annually nominate qualified members to fill vacancies as dictated by the Bylaws for the election to the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

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